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Our Story

Boilerheatplumbing is a family owned and run business established by Romeo Meta in 2005. Moving from Greece to Australia in late months of 2003 as a fully qualified plumber, Romeo started working in Melbourne as a subcontractor specialising in hydronic heating and other plumbing services. He worked for some small companies where he was needed for his skill and thorough knowledge of hydronic systems. Soon after, it became evident that there was a lack of qualified Hydronic Heating installers around Melbourne and his attention to detail and high performance was desired by clients. This motivation and demand had encouraged Romeo to build his own business with his years of extensive experience, attention to detail and high work standards to his clients. Since 2005, Boilerheatplumbing has provided installations and services across Melbourne based on the core values of custom design, high performance and attention to detail.

why choose

With over 25 years of experience, Boilerheatplumbing custom design hydronic heating systems with great attention to detail. We provide high performance solutions complementary to the individual needs of our clients.

Every Hydronic Heating project is managed personally by Romeo Meta to ensure the professional service and clean tradesman manner. We use high performance materials and high efficiency boilers made in Europe, Germany, Italy and UK to ensure it is built to last and perform at optimum.

WHat is hydronic HEating

Hydronic Heating is healthy and has the ability to heat without drying the air or blowing dust and other airborne allergies. The systems need to be designed and specified correctly to ensure a warm comfortable environment in each room of your home. We will calculate the heat requirement for each individual room taking into account the room dimensions, external walls and windows area to ensure the desired temperature is reached.


Water is heated by the boiler and then circulated through your home using a network of pipes to radiator panels, convector / under floor heating coil or a combination of both. The heated water is used to transfer the thermal energy around your home. The water is carried back to the boiler via pipes to be reheated in a continuous cycle until the desired room temperature is reached.
Radiator Hydronic Heating

the benefits of hydronic heating


Upto 93% efficient to heat your home allowing savings on your usage bills.


Hydronic Heating takes comfort to a new level with equal heat and flexible zoning options that meet your needs.


Hydronic Heating heats the air via natural convection and radiation heat meaning no dust or allergies all while heating your home quietly.


Hydronic Heating radiators are safe to touch and there is no danger of burns or scalding making it a safe option for children, the elderly and household pets.

installations, services
and repairs

Client work:
Bentleigh Project

Task: The client was after a hydronic heating system for his brand new, double-story house and an underground cinema room with an ensuite. They didn’t want to see any visible panels on the ground floor and wanted to split the heating into two zones whilst seeking efficiency.

Some of the work we do


Products we use

Hydronic Heating Melbourne
Hydronic Heating Jaga
Hydronic Heating Rehau


Romeo Meta
Melbourne, Australia
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0423 935 531

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