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Hydronic Heating does require minimal maintenance. For optimal system performance, we recommend cleaning it out every 5 or so years. This process is called Power Flushing. 

client work:
Bentleigh project

Task: The client was after a hydronic heating system for his brand new, double-storey house and an underground cinema room with an ensuite. They didn’t want to see any visible panels on the ground floor and wanted to split the heating into two zones whilst seeking efficiency.

Our solution to meet the client’s requirements:

  1. Hydronic Heating System Design:
    • Zone 1 (Ground Floor): Installed a floor heating system throughout the ground floor. To ensure no visible panels on the walls, utilising pipes embedded within the floor structure. This system has the capacity to effectively warm the entire ground floor area.
    • Zone 2 (Upper Floor): Installed wall-mounted radiator heaters in each bedroom on the upper floor. Additionally, incorporate hydronic heated towel rails in the bathrooms. These radiators and towel rails provide efficient heating while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the upper floor, as per the client’s preference.
  2. Boiler System Configuration:
    • Chose to utilise a single boiler system to provide heating for both zones of the house. This ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to installing two separate boilers.
    • Implemented a partage box that allows for the separation of the floor heating system and the radiator heating system. This will enable independent control and operation of each zone at different temperatures as required by the client.
  3. Temperature Control:
    • Configured the partage box to regulate the water temperature for each zone accordingly:
      • For the floor heating system (Zone 1), maintained a water temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius.
      • For the radiator heating system (Zone 2), designed to operate at a higher water temperature of 70 degrees Celsius or above to ensure effective heating in the upper floor bedrooms and bathrooms.
  4. Efficiency and Optimisation:
    • Opted for high-efficiency boiler models to maximise energy savings and minimise operating costs over the long term.
    • Ensured proper insulation and zoning to optimise heat distribution and minimise heat loss, enhancing overall system efficiency.

By implementing these solutions and addressing the client’s specific requirements, we delivered a tailored hydronic heating system that efficiently provides comfort and warmth throughout this client’s double-storey house while maintaining aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness.


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